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Javier Prato devotion to filmmaking began at the early age of 14 when his father gave him a video camera for his birthday. His first cinematic muses, his friends, family and pets, were put to the test in more than 30 home movies. All the knowledge gathered in making those films culminated 4 years later in a more professionally made 15-minute sci-fi drama short film entitled a New Dawn.

Later, while at college, he refined and expanded his skills by exploring all of the facets of filmmaking, by studying under Rodolfo Hermida, a prominent Argentinean film producer, and Beda Docampo Feijoo, an award winning Argentinean director and screenwriter.

Eager to expand his knowledge and love for film, Javier took the "big leap" and moved to Hollywood, California in the year 2000. Since his arrival, he has kept himself busy by having his short films screened at various film festivals. His satirical (and controversial) short, Jesus Christ: The Musical, also known as, Jesus Will Survive, has had immeasurable number of views on e-mail attachments and mobile devices throughout the world, and additionally, one of his most recently filmed shorts, Empty Arms, was selected as one of the top 20 final videos in the competition,YouTube Project Direct," which is helmed by award winning Director, Jason Reitman, who is best known for his film, Juno.